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Offer & acceptance

Nothing on this site constitutes an offer in a legal sense. When you contact us you may offer to use our service and we are free to accept or reject that offer. Practical details may be found in other parts of this site and you agree to be bound by those. Accounts provided free of charge may be suspended or terminated at any time at our discretion. No reason need be given for the suspension or termination of an account.


We, Spanimal.org, will do all we reasonably can to provide the services you request but you agree that we are under no strict legal obligation to do so at any specific time or place, provided we have used all reasonable endeavours. Time is not the essence of this contract.

You, the client/advertiser warrant that your advertisement does not contravene any Act of Parliament, nor is it in any way illegal or defamatory or an infringement of any other party's rights.


You, the client/advertiser, agree to indemnify Spanimal.org and each of their officers and employees against any and all loss (including but not limited to loss of business and loss of profits), liability, costs (including but not limited to legal costs), injury or expense and/or damages as a result of any failure by you or on your behalf to comply with these terms and conditions; AND/OR arising from any claim brought or threatened (in any jurisdiction) in which it is alleged that the creation, dissemination or exhibition of your advertisement/s (or any adaptation or part(s) thereof) infringes a third party's rights or is otherwise unlawful. You also agree to ensure that your advertisement/s and your conduct comply with the laws of the country you are advertising in respect of and to indemnify Spanimal.org and each of their officers and employees against any and all loss (including but not limited to loss of business and loss of profits), liability, costs (including but not limited to legal costs), injury or expense and/or damages as a result of any breach.

Ownership of data supplied

We own the data in our database/s and on our website, except that supplied by you. You cannot copy it, publish it or reproduce it to any third party without our express agreement in writing.


This agreement cannot be amended save by our amending these terms on this page. Such amended items take effect 14 days after they are first posted. You agree it is your responsibility to check here for any changes.

Our disclaimer

Whilst we will use all reasonable efforts to provide the service we offer, our liability in so far as we can exclude it in law, is so excluded except up to the amount of any monies paid to us by you for the service in question.

We give no representation that the information on this site is full and complete. When we review something or give a result we give an honest opinion as to it and you agree that such comments are fair comment. We disclaim any liability for losses that follow any such review or result given. Time is not the essence of this contract.

No warranties whether express or implied are given in relation to this site or the services it offers.

We do not accept any responsibility for any virus contracted as a result of visiting this site or any of the other sites referred to.

In any event we disclaim any liability for consequential loss.

We disclaim any liability for loss of profit.


Subscription to our free newsletters is voluntary opt-in. By opting-in to receive a free newsletter. Subscribers agree that if removal is required from the subscription database, the subscriber must follow the removal procedure as detailed in all Spanimal.org newsletters. Spanimal.org is under no obligation to remove subscribers manually.


The appearance of external hyperlinks does not constitute endorsement by us. We do not exercise any editorial control over the information you may find at these locations. We do not assume and are not responsible for any liability whatsoever for the linking of any of these linked Web sites, the operation or content (including the right to display such information) of any of the linked Web sites, nor for any of the information, interpretation, comments or opinions expressed in any of the linked Web sites. Any comments or inquiries regarding the linked Web sites are to be directed to the particular organisation for whom the particular Web site is being operated.

Advertiser Links

We reserve the right to include code within an advertiser link in order to produce statistical data.


The site and all material on it is our copyright and may not be copied, distributed, licensed, or reproduced in any way whatsoever, save that you are permitted to print or download extracts from it for personal use only.


We can terminate this agreement by giving 28 days notice (or forthwith if we have reason to believe you have breached the terms of this agreement). You can terminate any agreement made with us providing you have complied with all terms of this agreement and have made payment for all services ordered by giving 14 days notice.

Technical/IT issues and support

Whilst we will try to assist when we can, you agree that it is your sole responsibility to ensure your IT system is capable of receiving the materials by e-mail. We accept responsibility for sending e-mails to the address you give us but no responsibility for their receipt. We do at our discretion provide technical support, but this is not a part of this contract and we accept no responsibility for your IT/PC/software/viruses and any other problems of a technical nature with your equipment.

The law that applies

We are based in Wales, which is subject to English law. This agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. No effect will be given to any principle of conflict of laws.


Any notice required to be given to us can be given only by our receiving an e-mail or pre-paid letter at our Contact address given on the Contact Us page of our site.


If any parts of this agreement are found to be unenforceable, void, illegal or invalid they shall be severed from this agreement and all the other provisions shall remain in force in full both as to force and effect.


Spanimal.org will use its best efforts to safeguard your privacy. The policy that follows explains the data processing we do and how we do it. If you have any queries on our use of information, please contact us. By using this site you consent to our collecting data about you.

What do we use the information for?

We want to give our users the best possible service. We may therefore use the data gathered to contact you to check this is the case. We may use it to advise you by telephone, fax or e-mail of new possibilities and changes to our service or new services we offer. You can opt out of receiving this information by contacting us for assistance.

What information do we collect?

We collect the information necessary to provide the service you request including that given to us in your registration form. We will collect your name and address and your e-mail address if you e-mail to us or otherwise provide it. We will collect your URL if you provide it to us.

Automated information collection

We have a policy of continual improvement of our site. We therefore collect information automatically about your visit to it. This is used to help us see browsing preferences and our marketing and positioning of the site.

Transferring information abroad or to others

We do not transfer information in this way, although if we sell or otherwise dispose of the site and/or our business or part, the information will go with it but we will seek similar safeguards for you as these.

Contact Information

Spanimal.org welcomes your comments regarding this Privacy statement. Please contact us